Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh the Irony!! The Ironman Ironing Board Cover.

My boyfriend is a big fan of Iron Man and I love wordplay, so I guess this was inevitable. We called the Iron 'Tony', but of course I knew I could take it further...

With an Ironman ironing board cover!!!

My Mum is a very good seamstress, and I've watched her make several different ironing board covers over the years, so the how to wasn't a challenge. I sourced the material from Ebay. There aren't many sources for the licensed fabric in Australia, and trying to find something with just Ironman and not any of his fellow avengers was actually quiet difficult. There were several flannelette options, but its flammable and therefore not a fantastic choice. So finally settled on this, and some specific heat resistant wadding from Spotlight (the kind for oven gloves). I'm really happy with the result! Anything that can bring a smile to my face when I'm doing any kind of household chore is always good!

How I did it: 
1. Just turn the ironing board upside down on the fabric, and trace around it. Thats line 1
2. Add a seam allowance of 10cm all round the first line. Line 2.
3. Roll the edges over twice, to create a tube (make sure its wide enough to fit your elastic)
4. Sew it down, leaving a 2cm gap
5. Thread the elastic through, sew the ends of the elastic together and close up the whole 
6. Cut out some heat proof wadding, using the ironing board as a template again.
7. Place the wadding, then pop on the cover!!

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