Monday, March 31, 2014

Sheer silk Grainline Scout t-shirt

This is probably my favorite sewing pattern to date. I have about 7 so far (which I'll be in process of uploading soon!) and I can churn one out in about 2 hours from start to finish. Its the scout woven tee from Grainline Studio who make the basic patterns that I could never seem to find with the commerical patterns, but were really all I ever wanted to make with some of the more interesting prints that needed something simple to really shine. 

I've made a few modification to the pattern so far. This one was one of the first that I had taken in a little on the sides. Also due to the super delicate nature of the fabric I did away with the bias binding on the neck, and instead hand basted then machine stitched a rolled hem.

I bought the fabric from Tessuti fabrics in Melbourne, maybe 3 years ago, and I believe I got the end of the roll. It had a lovely white break (perpendicular to the grain) in the print with a little collection of japanese (?) characters on the end and an overlocked selvedge that I really liked, and decided to keep. So I also extended the length, just to be safe, incase I wasn't happy with it and could hem it back to the original and pretend it never happened! Oddly enough it wasn't straight with the grain

I don't wear it as often as I like to (I'm terrible when it come to laundering silk) but it is a beautiful piece I'm very proud of.

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