Monday, April 28, 2014

Butterick B5884 and my dress for Becci's Wedding

As soon as I received an invitation to Becci's wedding, I started planning my dress. I was in the middle of my year of not buying and only sewing clothes and I had worn my only new pretty dress to two weddings already so I wanted something new.
First stop was Potter Textiles, where I found an amazing cotton silk, with a large scale pattern of crystals. I LOVED the print, but wanted to find something relatively gathered to minimise it a little.
I went madly searching for some ideas on pinterest, but apparently when you search "dress to wear to a wedding" all the words in-between get lost and you end up with a lot of white! Finally found this:

Then came trying to recreate it. I had a little go at drafting it myself, but without a proper sloper and a very rickety dress form, I struggled. I finally cut my losses and went for a pattern: Butterick B5884, version A.

There were definitely problems, I took in the back, re adjusted the gathers of the bodice and took about 5cm out of the back of the skirt as it was really bulky (There wasn't much drape to the fabric, so I'm not sure if the bulk was just due to that)! But here is the finished product and I'm super happy with it!


  1. Gorgeous


  2. Cute dress, I love the fabric and style!